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Ideal Human

  • Awareness
  • 25.07.2019
  • Hafsa Taşkıran

Possible definition of ideal human based on iman; is not to live for eating but to eat for living, considering money as a tool not an ultimate goal; doing his best for the community, not looking for the lack of things but looking for the ways to complete the missing parts, not being a dyed in the wool but being an open-minded person.

“O ye who believe! If ye keep your duty to Allah, He will give you discrimination (between right and wrong). | Al-Anfal 29”
“So vie one with another in good works. | Al-Ma’idah 48”
“Lo! Allah will cause those who believe and do good works to enter Gardens underneath which rivers flow. | Muhammed 47”

May peace be with you..

Hafsa Taşkıran

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